8 Things To Keep In Mind While Developing App For Apple
profile   Apple Rejected My Application for Apple Store - March 9, 2018

Joe is a mobile application developer. In his 10 yrs of experience, he has made native mobile apps (Android) for leading companies of the market. Recently, he got an offer from a renowned company that wants to make an app for Apple App Store.

In spite of working immensely hard, his app got rejected by Apple app review team. Where do you think Joe must have possibly gone wrong in spite of having 10 yrs experience in the field?

  • Guidelines: There are guidelines followed by every organization and same goes with Apple.
  • Platform: Joe was an Android Mobile Developer. Getting a big opportunity made him hasty and he did not consider following the platform’s (Apple) guidelines before submitting.
  • Review: Hence, don’t be Joe. Always review your work post completion of your task before sending it to your boss or any other senior authority.

Below are some of the aspects that mobile app developers (for Apple) need to keep in mind while developing an app for Apple.

1. Formatting :

Formatting is the numero uno aspect to consider while developing an application for Apple App Store. Do proper formatting of the content, images supporting it, videos, etc before sending to the final decision maker i.e. Apple App Review team.

2. Privacy :

Privacy is the key that makes Apple different from the other mobile phone producers. The Apple app user should grant permission for using his personal information by will and not forced.

If anywhere in the app, Apple finds that you use the users data without their knowledge, then the app is right away rejected.

3. Cloning :

If you look carefully in the suggested app section of your store, you will find some similar apps. If anytime during the review, the Apple review team finds it a clone of the already existing app on the store, it is rejected without any further delay.
ProTip: Always be original in life too.

4. Pending :

Always send only the finished copy for review. Never ever, send apps that still need finishing. Sit for extra hours post working hours, finish the minute tasks and only then put it forward for review.

The content, images submitted should be a final copy as submitting pending apps is always a big letdown.

5. Broken Links :

As already mentioned, don’t be like Joe. Always check, revise, test, review with your internal team before sending it to Apple App Review Team. All links in the app should be fully functional.

If the app is for a specific target audience, he/she should even offer a link to the privacy policy.

6. E-Payment :

All the transactions required for further functionality of the native app must go through the official Apple in-app purchasing system. This is again to make sure that the users data is secure and confidential. If you have allowed a third-party transaction method, rectify your mistake now and allow Apple in-app purchasing system.

7. User Interface :

Every house has some rules & regulations that everyone in the family needs to follow and same goes with Apple. Apple has some rules laid down in the Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. (Like using standard font size, providing user control, etc.)
Hence, follow the Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.
ProTip: Always respect the other person way of living before dictating your own terms.

8. Description :

Description is the first thing the end-user reads before downloading the apps from the Apple App Store. Hence, always make sure that your description is relevant, has proper keywords, meta tags, meta titles, etc. Irrelevant description, usage of keywords, titles can result in rejection of the app.

— Freshbox Storage Team

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