8 Things To Keep In Mind While Developing App For Apple
profile   Apple Rejected My Application for Apple Store - March 9, 2018

Joe is a mobile application developer. In his 10 yrs of experience, he has made native mobile apps (Android) for leading companies of the market. Recently, he got an offer from a renowned company that wants to make an app for Apple App Store. In spite of working immensely hard, his app got rejected by Apple app review team. Where do you think Joe must have possibly gone wrong in spite of having 10 yrs experience in the field?

It’s Time I Change My Web Hosting Service
profile   Having a best website hosting service is like a child having his mother’s - March 9, 2018

Constant support all the times of his lives. No matter how much far he has gone or outgrown in life, he is always in essential need for her support and vice versa. In the same way, it is vital to have the best website service provider for your website (as company website is the first step of brand visibility in today’s online era). But, at the same time etc,..

Linux Hosting – A Dominant Player of the Virtual World
profile   Fact : According to a study conducted, Linux Hosting - March 9, 2018

According to a study conducted, Linux Hosting is the most used service in the market and is the leading operating system. It is a tough competitor to the Windows Hosting Operating System in spite of its user-friendliness.

Hosting Meaning :

Hosting is a company giving you space and allows you to host your website on their server.