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Report Abuse

FRESHBOX is a platform that's committed to a better Internet. If you know about, or are a victim of, abuse on a site hosted by FRESHBOX, you can use this form to report the problem to our Trust & Safety team; they are here to help.

Before submitting your report, please take a moment to review the section titled "Rules of Conduct" in our Terms of Service Agreement.

What is the DMCA?

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act – often called the DMCA—is a federal law that helps copyright holders secure the quick removal of their content from websites that don't have the right to use it.

The DMCA provides web hosts, search engines, and other Internet services "safe harbor" from copyright infringement claims. In return, the law instructs those service providers to act promptly to take down infringing material when properly notified by a copyright owner.

This form provides an easy way for copyright owners (and their agents) to notify FRESHBOX about infringing material that may be hosted by our customers.

What is trademark abuse?

Trademark abuse is the unauthorized use of a trademark on or in connection with goods or services in a way that is likely to cause confusion about the source of the goods or services.

Trademarks are national or regionally registered symbols, words, signs, or names used to identify or distinguish the brand, goods, or services of a company or individual. Each country or region has their own specific laws and authorities around trademark. The USPTO, the trademark authority in the US, requires registration and approval of US recognized trademarks.

This form provides an easy way for trademark owners (or their agents) to notify FRESHBOX about trademark abuse that may be hosted by our customers.

What is general abuse?

Any violations of the Terms of Service Agreenment—or general malicious behavior that does not fall into the categories of phishing, malware, trademark or DMCA abuse—is considered general abuse by FRESHBOX.

This form provides an easy way for victims or reports of general abuse to notify FRESHBOX about these abuses that may be propagated by our customers.

In submitting a complaint, please include as much information as is possible in the general abuse form. This can include screenshots, URLs, documentation, etc. The more information provided about the issue, the quicker our Trust & Safety specialists can assist in resolving the complaint.